The first thing, infrastructure is very important foundation for long-term economic growth. And also China has done great in terms of infrastructure. China's high speed rail system is really first rate, so China has great experience in this. And the other thing, Europe and China actually complement each other very well. China has experience, technology and very important right now capital. So the key is helping them build infrastructure and also work together on other industries. And we can have a mutually beneficial growth in these countries.

   I think right now if you look the global economy, we really need very strong growth engine. So I think Eurozone its own actually little has enough internally driven its growth. While China has huge market with the large number of middle class people moving upward. China's help and working together is the key can help drive the growth for the entire world. But as you said the key is working together in this industry. And we can have mutually beneficial growth for each of these countries.